Landmark Aquatec P. Ltd.

We're a premier water treatment and desalination systems company focused on the design, production and manufacturing of water treatment units and equipment.

We have well over 15 years experience in Water Treatment. During that time, we have developed a vast knowledge in creating quality systems that will benefit any industrial water purification need. You will receive the value of our extensive experience when you choose us.

We value customer's trust. Business ethics are of our utmost importance. We deliver what we promise and don't promise what we know we cannot deliver. We will always give you the facts. Our word is our bond. We care for and take care of our customers. Our prompt, helpful and specialized service adds great value to our products.

Landmark Aqautec builds only the best quality equipment. When you invest in a high quality unit, you will save in the long run. We choose only the best components and produce high quality, efficient, reliable designs for long-term value and very low long-term costs.

Our margins are modest. Purchasing from us ensures that your costs are lower while insuring great quality.

We use industry standard designs, but we will happily customize for your needs. When you receive equipment that's tailored to your needs, your satisfaction is guaranteed.